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Well ladies, you old grannies and drag queens will be rejoicing everywhere, as this seasons' hot make up shade is Lilac!

Seen here at the Christian Dior SS10 show, lilac shades will take over the beauty aisles, from eyeshadows to lip and nail colour.  if your dark/olive skinned try a deeper purple rather than lilac though.

Good old Barry M have a great lilac shade in their dazzle dust, which is brilliant!


Well ladies i have just tried Max Faxtor's Nailfinity for the first time (shocking i know considering it's been around for years now). but i finally thought that i'd give it go, as i'm usually a Nails Inc or OPI user, which aren't exactly cheap, but after trying this, i would say that you definitely get what you pay for! I love most Max Factor products and have been using them since i was a teenager, so i was really disapointed with this. I bought it shade 'wine red' which is a shimmering shiraz type shade, the nailfinity range claims that, it's longlasting chip resistant, wear resistant, shock resistant and action resistant... well girls, i applied it last night and it's now 4:15pm the following afternoon and my nails look like they were painted a week ago, they are so badly chipped at the tops of the nail, it looks as though i've scrubbing floors! so ladies in the case of nail varnish, i'd say that the more you spend the better the lasting result is, although i've found that Bourjois are pretty good for a cheaper brand.


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