Thursday, December 29, 2011

New year, new wardrobe!

Ok ladies, the new year is fast approaching and if your anything like me you'll be fed up and bored with your wardrobe and wanting a new look for the fresh new year. But what do you do when you've got very little to spend in the sales?? Well my advice is firstly go through your wardrobe and be ruthless, put the bits that you no longer like, fit or have not worn for a year or more and put them all on eBay, even if they only sell for £0.99 per item (they will sell for more, especially if branded like topshop, mss Selfridge etc), you'll be surprised at how much it all adds up and depending on how much you've got to sell, you could end up with a £100 to spend on new stuff, well worth it for the afternoon that it will take you to list them.

My second tip is to shop the sales online and avoid all that pushing and shoving and tiresome wondering around from shop to shop. The good points to this are -

1. It's easier to stick to a budget as most sites you can browse by price
2. You can take your time to really have a good look around, put things into your basket then go back later.
3. The biggest positive is that unlike real sale shopping, you wont end up coming home with stuff that you will never wear but just had to have as it was a bargain at£5
4. All this and you can do it in the comfort of your own home and at anytime, with a nice cuppa/glass of wine, music on and feet up... Ahhh.

Here's an example of what's online in the sales right now...

This lovely dress is £25 at Dorothy Perkins down from £43 and this gorgeous chic jacket is now £30 from topshop down from £55 and also from the sale are these sexy leopard print shoes at £25 and the fab seventies style red dress is £18 in the peacocks sale.


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