Monday, September 5, 2011

Bright Spark

Well girls, brightly coloured trousers have been around since the start of SS11, but the good news is that they will still be around over AW11 and what better way to brighten up your winter wardrobe than to invest in a pair or two to keep those winter blues at bay. Although probably not wise to wear these on really rainy day, unless you like the mud speckled look!

Asos have got pretty much every colour and shade that you could wish for, here are my top picks

The purple ones are my fav's (£40) i think they are absolutely gorgeous and can be easily mixed with Autumnal shades that you already have in your winter wardrobe.

The red ones are a great choice as they will also look great with winter colours and boots etc but a little pricey at £95.

And the apple green ones are just £30

All from


Shan @ Orchira said...

It's true a pair of bright colour trousers can make a great impression and look so stylish! Definitely going to get one!

Shan @ Orchira

Bellena said...

Fabulous! very magnitic clothes and too trendy wear by gorgeous girl. It has capability to impress anyone.

Joana said...

I love that all of your examples of bright-coloured pants are quite fitted.

akif said...

This is pretty interesting.You really made me consider a lot.I'll be checking this out.I'd like to read and learn more about this.Thanks for sharing!

Costume Jewellery said...

Bright coloured trousers are a must in todays world. I have got a bare of red trousers that are quite trendy and help break away from the common blacks.

Perpetuity said...

I'm wanting the green jeans! Loving all the color this season.



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