Saturday, July 23, 2011

Biker chic

I never thought that I would be suggesting biker jackets as an essential wardrobe piece in July but due the rubbish weather that we've having the leather biker jacket should be your go to item to keep the chills away and keep you super stylish right now. Plus I think it's a piece that every woman should own to bring out their inner sexy rock chick!

It can make most outfits look instantly chic and edgy especially when worn with something feminine like a tea dress.

The two bottom jackets are both £120 from ASOS and the lovely light dusky pink one here is from Miss Selfridge at £49

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Shan You Orchira said...

Absolutely love the short leather jackets featured here, especialy the pale coloured one and the dark brown one. It will be so easy to wear, just throw it on any long tunic top, floral short dress with legging, with a pair of long leather boots, will look fab!

jason @ belts and buckles said...

Biker chic is cool. Especially the belts, jeans and stuff that can be worn as well as the jackets

Bellena said...

Awesome collection! second one jacket is most fabulous. No doubt lady is looking pretty after wear this jacket. It's admirable.


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