Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hands on the clutch

Ohhhh, i haven't got this excited over a bag in a long time!

These two little beauties really hit the spot and are just £25 each at asos, the first one gives a nod to the whole nude trend and will still look elegant and on trend in years to come, but the colourful peacock one really does it for me...absolutely gorgeous, and great for adding a splash of colour to an otherwise plain outfit,  perfect to wear with your LBD.


Top 10 Christmas Gifts said...

I really like both of these cluth bags which are at ASOS. They can be matched up with some lovely clothes too! These are a great buy and a great find.

Social Tailor said...

Ok I'm a big fan of the clutch, particularly when there is a true connection between the garments and shoes - but these feathery delights look like a nightmare. Pretty but a nightmare - you couldn't wear knitwear (they'll stick) you couldn't wear black (there is always fluff residue)... In fact I struggle to think anywhere they might work. Nice to have though ;)

Emily and Abigail said...

Agreed! These are really gorg. i've been searching way too long for the perfect pair!


LadyStyle said...

They are beautiful! Especially the colourful peacock!

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