Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shoes made for dancing!

Ladies, if there ever was a time to treat yourself to some new party shoes it's now, because lets face it, they are a nessecity, what with all of the festive parties, gatherings and get togethers! all of these are from ASOS

The wonderful Vivienne Westwood for Melissa calaboration is back, with different shades of the classic plastic heart sling backs....gorgeous! Just £88 at ASOS (saw these in Harrods for £100)!

And these lovely lace peep toes are bang on trend and very sexy (£71)

These goregous cutwork shoes look just like a pair of Prada's that i used to have (sold them on ebay which i now regret), except these are just £23... Unbelievable!! they also come in black.

And these gold sequined shoes are adorable, they remind me of dorothy's shoes in the my fav film, The Wizard of Oz, although at £100 they are not exactly cheap.


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