Monday, October 19, 2009

Wear your heart on your shoulder!

Apologies for adding a little doom and gloom to your day ladies, but if any of you watched the awful BBC documentary on 'Bulgaria's abandoned children' by Kate Blewett that was first shown back in 2007 then you will have surely felt as saddened as i did watching those awful images of the extremely neglected children, i felt compelled to help by donating what i could to the charity which has done wonders since 2007 in helping these children, but now there's an even better way that you can help, by purchasing this gorgeous Tabitha bag from, set up by Melora Johnson after reading a report in Grazia (Bulgaria's forgotten children), she says that she was so distressed at the images that she saw, that she had to help, so she came up with the idea of designing a bag along with her friend Emma Ganderton, head of accessories design at Jigsaw.

The bag costs £150, but 100% of proceeds go to the Baba programme run by TBACT, you can find out more about the programme on the helping handbags website.

The Tabitha bag comes in Caramel brown, rich aubergine and metallic silver.


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