Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yasmin Le Bon for Wallis Launch party

I was so disappointed that i couldn't attend the YLB for Wallis launch party at the Sanderson a couple of weeks ago, (was holidaying in Jamaica, so can't really complain) as i've been looking forward to the Yasmin range for months now, But the lovely Nicola over at Acardia kindly sent me some pics from the night, Yasmin wore items from her own collection and looked gorgeous. guests included, Amber Le Bon (pictured above), Simon Le Bon, Tania Bryer, Lisa B, Alan Carr Duncan James, Gary Kemp, Lisa Eldridge & Robin Derrick, Tim & Malin Jeffries, Kelly Hoppen, Gerry De Veux , Pat Mc Grath, Sir Philip Green, Chloe Green, Yasmin & Simon Mills.
What they ate: (just in case your interested in that sort of thing)
Malaysian fish cakes, Crunchy Prawn wonton, Confit duck dumpling plum dipping sauce, Chicken Skewers with spicy satay dip, Mini Lamb Sliders, Vegetable crudities with spicy Yuzu dressing, Kaffir lime fondant , Crystallised ginger ice cream.
What they drank:
Raspberry belini, Lycee Lemonade
Unfortunately i couldn't get any gossip from the night though ladies, but am loving the new Wallis collection, in particular the red dress that she's pictured in above and the leather trousers that she wore on the night. There are also some great pieces of jewellery in the range so get on down to Wallis or go to http://www.wallis-fashion.com/
Don't forget about the vintage necklace giveaway ladies (see post below), thanks to those of you that have already emailed me!


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