Monday, July 6, 2009

Fabulous retro tee's at Topshop

This is one for all of you 80's children/teenagers, these 'Tea and Cake' for Topshop tee's are soooo cool, and are only £20 each, i love the bright red Knight Rider one with 'the Hoff' on the front and these lovely black and white Aha one is a classic!

Perfect neutrals at Topshop

As i'm sure you are all aware, nude and neutral shades are so in right now, but the great thing about this is that it's a shade that will never go out of fashion so whatever you buy now will last you for years, plus nudes always look really classy and chic which is why i recommend investing in these nudes now whilst they are all over the highstreet. These are my top picks from Topshop at the moment...
This lovely romantic vintage looking lace bolero (£38) is so lovely and is great if your boobs are on the small side as it will give the illusion of bigger boobs, and on the other side f the spectrum, this is one to avoid if you have large boobs (anything over a DD cup) as it will just make you look top heavy. and the same goes for the sequin detail top as if you have large boobs it will either make you look as though you have one large sausage boob which is never a good look or you'll end up with spillage at the sides!
But the last one is perfect for all and would make a lovely work top whilst still being really feminine and it would also make a great bar top worn with jeans.


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