Monday, March 2, 2009

Fashion swap shop - Swishing event!

It has been drummed into us over the last few months that we shouldn't be friviously spending, but a girl needs new clothes, so what do you do??

Well, you go to a swishing event, that's what!

And if you have never heard of swishing, it's an event where you bring along some unwanted items of clothing and swap them for something that you actually want, and it's all free!
There is swishing event being held this Saturday 7th March at Old Spitalfields Market, London E1, and here are the rules -

· Bring at least 1 good quality item of clothing, shoes or accessories that you no longer wear but would be proud to pass onto a fellow Swisher - no rags please!
· You can bring up to 5 items, you will recieve a stamp for each, so feel free to take as many items as you brought along.
· You will have time to browse the rails and look at the fantastic free goodies on display - but remember, you cannot claim these items until the swish is officially open!
· Once declared open, swish to your hearts content! Remember, be kind to your fellow scratching, spitting or biting!
· Have fun!

12noon - 2pm Clothes drop off:
Bring your clothes, shoes or accessories to the swishing area and drop them off, you will recieve a stamp for each item (minimum 1, maximum 5)
2.30pm Browsing time:
Take time to browse the goodies on display - look, but no touching until the Swish begins
3.00pm Swishing officially opens:
There will be a brief introduction to the Swish and it will then be declared open for you to start swishing.


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