Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Recycle your undies for charity!

Recently it was reported that most women in the UK have at least 4 bras that they never wear simply because they don’t fit, are uncomfortable or have been replaced. If this sounds familiar, don’t hoard them, do something amazing with them and save a life! 'Lingerie please' have teamed up with 'Bag It Up' to encourage customers to help collect 200,000 bras for charity to raise money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

The second-hand bras are re-packed & shipped to West Africa where they are sold on to licensed West African traders with all profits going to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. There is a big demand for second hand bras all over the world and we know the campaign will make a big difference to women everywhere. The Yorkshire Air Ambulance provides a life saving service across Yorkshire and as an independent charity they rely on charity donations to keep the £7,200 a day service running. What better excuse do you need for a spring lingerie sort out? So tell friends and family about the campaign – all donations will be much appreciated and will help us reach the target of 200,000 bras!

Please visit www.lingerieplease.co.uk/charity for all the details.

And i reckon that this is a great excuse to treat yourself to some new bras too girls!

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