Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pretty Polly 'Secret Slimmer' tights!

Well ladies, Christmas is the time of year that we really want to look our best with all the parties coming up, so over the next few weeks, i will be seeking out the best slimming, controlling and shape wear on the market.....

Step up contestant number one, Pretty Polly's 'Secret Slimmer' tights. Pretty Polly were kind enough to send me a lovely goody bag full of Pretty Polly products which also contained a pair of the tights and having tried them out, i have to say that i was honestly impressed, they really tightened my upper thighs, bum and stomach... what more could you want? and the best thing is that they are tights rather than control pants so you won't have that awful Bridget Jones moment if you do happen to pull the office hunk at the office party!

Pretty Polly recently carried out a rather brave stunt,
The campaign saw the winner of reality show Colleens Real Women, Sasha Parker, and her team of placard holders march down Harley Street making the point that you don’t need to pay £10k for surgery when you just need a pair of £6 Pretty Polly Secret Slimmer tights! I’m sure you’ll agree that far too many women are opting to go under the knife when they don’t actually need to and the crux of the campaign was to get this point firmly across with the assistance of Sasha who is of course ‘all woman’!


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