Tuesday, September 16, 2008

London Fashion Week - Jonh Rocha show

Well i went to see the John Rocha show yesterday, unfortunately it was the only one i was able to attend as i'm off on my hols, but it was an interesting show. First to come out, rather strangely were chunky short sleeved snowy knits (a bit odd for a summer collection, but hey you know what our summers can be like) then came lots of sheer dresses in sheer, almost skin tone shades as well as quite a few shift dress with a slightly different take, including one with a longer and slightly a line hem. There were also some gorgeous coral and aqua coloured sheer sarong style dresses, but most of the collection featured lots of ruffles and heavily featured were large bejewelled bibs.

My favourite piece was this sleeveless cobolt blue ruffled dress, the photo really doesn't do it any justice at all.

I promise that next season i will got to lots more shows and report on them all for you.


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