Monday, September 1, 2008

3 of the best tights

Well i hate to say it but, it's almost that time of year ladies, where you'll need to start covering up those legs as the weather gets colder, but don't play it safe with the usual boring black opaque's, try something different this year.

There are absolutely loads of funky coloured tights around at the moment which should brighten up your mood a little during the miserable winter months and add a nice dash of colour to a plain black outfit. these are my top picks all from

From left to right -

Asos mulberry 'velvet feel' 50 denier opaque tights £4.

Flirt for asos back seam tights £5 (for that sexy 40's style glamour).

Asos Navy 'velvet feel' 50 denier opaque tights £4.


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