Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Shoes to make your mouth water

I have just found these gorgeous ultra summery shoes (above left) £30 from http://www.asos.com/ which are very similar to the Christian Louboutin ones priced at £360, the colour reminds me of opal fruits, (or starburst as they are now called) although i am a little mad!

Sing along now, 'opal fruits, made to make your mouth water', i think the sun has gone to my head!

Great to add a bit of colour to an otherwise plain coloured outfit.

I would wear with flared jeans or a pleated skirt for that real 70's feel.

Summer summer summertime!

Horray!!!! it looks as though summer is finally here ladies, so it's time to start talking swimwear.

Hopefully your lucky enough to be going somewhere exotic this summer, but if not there's always the garden, or if your brave enough, (and don't mind the odd teenage boy geering at you), your local park. but with bikini's as lovely and as on trend as these from http://www.oli.co.uk i think you'll be more than happy to strip off.


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