Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sex and the city movie premiere outfits

A couple of days late with this post, but i have been away from my PC for a few days. Just wanted to give my thoughts on the SATC premiere outfits, everyone has be slagging off poor SJP's oufit but i actually think that it's a lovely dress (Alexander McQueen) and i love the hat (although it does look like she's holding a plant on top of her head in this pic), but i think the dress should have been a different shade of green as it just drained her complexion.

In my opinion Kim Cattrall looked the best, very classy, she wore a lovely Vivienne Westwood dress and the shade of red looked fantastic on her. i was a little disappointed with Kristin Davis' outfit it was just too boring and not very flattering for her figure and i'm still undecided on Cynthia Nixon's dress.

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