Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Denim Heaven

I have found the answer to all of our prayers ladies!

http://www.ilovejeans.com truely is Denim heaven, it has every kind of jeans that you could ever want and it gives you the option to shop by shape, rise, waist measurement, leg length, cut and bodyshape.

It even stocks jeans that claim to enhance your shape such as, the tummy tuck, the bum lifter, the leg lengthener and thigh slimmer....fantastic!

And to top it all off, they even do denim parties, where a stylist will bring a whole load of jeans for you and your friends to try on and give you advice on styles etc, or you can have a VIP denim party, where a celeb personal stylist will give you top advice and even alter the jeans of your choice to fit you perfectly!


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